Information for International Applicants

It's been a long way

They came from the Philippines, from Croatia and from Spain: Joseph, Andreja and Irina are skilled workers. They have found jobs in Diakonie facilities - and new families in Germany. See more in the video!

If you would like to live and work in Germany as a citizen of another country, Diakonie offers opportunities for you. In order to be successful with your application, please read the following instructions.

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Stories of Success

  • Peninah (21) from Kenia

    "As time went by, things got easier"

    The winter in Germany is cold, but the people are nice, says Peninah Muiru from Kenia. She just began her apprenticeship as a geriatric nurse.

  • Joseph from the Philippines

    "When I first got out of the airplane, it was cold"

    Joseph wants to support his family financially and works for Diakonie Wolfsburg.

  • Alba (22) from Spain

    "I feel a deeper emotional connection with the patients"

    Alba Valera Paterna (22) from Murcia, Spain, came to Frankfurt, Germany, during her university education.